Professional Standards

Even with the best of intentions, planning and preparation, occasional disagreements arise between agents and their clients or customers. If a monetary dispute arises from a real estate transaction or if you believe an agent may have acted in an unethical manner. NAR's Code of Ethics, Professional Standards, and Mediation resources Code of Ethics/professional standards.

Dispute Resolution

As a member benefit, RSR offers its members and their clients a vehicle to process ethics complaints and arbitration requests.

Complaints that are brought before the Association give those parties involved an opportunity to be educated about the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and/or the MLS Rules and Regulations.

Contact email is :
Cece Robles, Professional Standards & MLS Manager

Filing an Ethics Complaint

Complaints can be filed against a REALTOR® member and/or broker of RSR by the public. An ethics complaint should be filed when a request to charge a member with a Code of Ethics, Bylaws and/or MLS Rules and Regulations violation.

Reminder, RSR cannot assist you in filing a complaint pertaining to the status of a real estate licensee. To file a licensing complaint, contact the California Bureau of Real Estate at or call 213.620.2072.

Consumer Information

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

Filing an Arbitration Complaint

Arbitration complaints (i.e., complaints requesting money) which involve REALTORS® who belong to the same association are filed at RSR where common membership is shared. However, arbitration complaints involving REALTORS® who belong to different associations are filed through the California Association of REALTORS® Interboard Arbitration.

C.A.R. Interboard Arbitration information can be obtained by contacting Monique McCord, C.A.R. Interboard Arbitration Administrator at 213.739.8354.


As an alternative to arbitration, RSR offers mediation. Mediation is a dispute resolution process whereby a mediator works with you and the other parties to facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution of your dispute. In comparison to arbitration, mediation is usually less adversarial and less formal and the parties are more directly involved in the decision making process to resolve their dispute.